Importance of Nutrition


Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy, happy dog, that thrives in life. Our dog foods play a key role in this plan of life, by utilizing only the freshest highest quality Chicken, Beef, Lamb & Salmon, along with Organic Fresh Vegetables, and Grain-Free formulations our foods are top of the line in the pet food market

Our Formula


Our proprietary formula uses only the highest quality pure and natural ingredients to achieve the highest levels of quality nutrition. This assures you that your dog is getting all the ingredientes necessary for a healthy immune and digestive system which will keep him strong and add years to his life.

Our Commitment


We will spare no effort nor expense to produce the best food for your dog. We use only high quality fresh fish and meats blended with organic vegetables. Livelong Healthy & Strong Dog Food never uses fillers or grains, nor artificial flavors, coloring or any chemical preservatives.

We love our Dogs

It is our commitment to them to bring premium nutrition to your home in every can

Our Products Lines

Our commitment is to provide Dogs and Cats everywhere with a life full of health, happiness and true enjoyment through supreme nutrition.

Lifelong Pet Nutrition

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